Today, with the help of the man she works for, Anastasia lives in a home where peace abounds, where the comfort of a home-cooked meal and the unity among them is worth more than any material possession.

“Now, fortunately, we are moving forward,” Anastasia said. “I have a job; I have full custody of my children, we all together and at peace. We can go out, freely, wherever we want. We are in a good place and I attribute a lot of that to God. He is responsible for sending many good people our way so that we could move forward.”

Still, Anastasia admits that the process is a day-to-day endeavor.

“It is not easy. Of course, everything still hurts, but not as much as in the beginning. Back then, we all felt as though we would never be able to move forward. Thanks to God, we overcame that. My children are moving forward. Thankfully, my daughter was able to graduate from high school and my other two children are both doing well. They are excelling in school; despite all of the problems we have lived through, they have always been well-behaved, responsible children.”

The key to reaching everything they have accomplished so far, Anastasia said, was that first step: finally deciding that the abuse would not continue.

“Ask for help,” Anastasia said. “Every mother should think about her children first. Why would you want a man by your side that does nothing for you except harm your children?”